A Quick Guide to Arranging Fresh Flowers
Arranging Flowers

A Quick Guide to Arranging Fresh Flowers

Everyone likes flowers, although personal choices may differ between dry and fresh ones. Fresh flower arrangements not only add style, fragrance, and color to any surroundings but also enhance the beauty of your home. The delicious scent and beautiful color add an alluring and charming element to any setting. Such arrangements can even create a beautiful garden inside the home, and bring colors, and cheers on a dull and dreary day. Whether you make the arrangements to gift someone, or simply cut floral from your garden, you will always desire to enjoy their beauty and loveliness for a long time. Even the expert gardeners may find it a bit difficult to keep floral fresh indoors. Here are a few tips on how to arrange fresh flowers.

Simple Tips

  • While purchasing fresh flowers, select varieties that will last long. With proper care, lilies, roses, delphiniums, daisies, and alstroemeria will stay fresh for more than ten days.
  • Examine fresh floral before buying them. Carefully check the broken petals, slime, stems for brown spots, leaves, and blooms, to understand how old the flower is. Go for those that have not fully opened, since most cut flowers will start to bloom after putting them into a vase with water.
  • Keep vases clean by scrubbing them with soapy water before adding flowers. Change the waters every few days. Also, make sure that you fill vases with warm waters; since flowers generally absorb lukewarm waters faster.
  • Before putting flowers in water, cut a few inches off the stem. Remove almost half inch every few days while you change water. Ensure that your cutting equipment is clean.
  • Prepare a solution containing commercially prepared food for floral. This solution helps flowers to a large extent by adding nutrients and adjusting the water’s pH level in the vase. However, make sure to mix the solution very carefully since too much may burn the petals.
  • Remove leaves that you find under the surface of the water. Leaves under water may get rotten and may harbor bacteria which will further diminish the natural life of blooms.
  • Display fresh flower arrangements away from the sources of heat such as stoves and radiators, sunny windows, or top of television that may cause the arrangements to wither rapidly. Do not place them close to heaters or air conditioners, as extreme heat or extreme cold may reduce their capability last long.

Make a placing fresh flowers in your room a habit. If you have your own room at your office, give your secretary the task of placing some fresh flowers every day at your table.